Friday, 2 October 2015

Mise-en-scene - Opening scene of Jaws

1. Opens with the sharks point of view as it swims
2. We hear non-diegetic low, stringed music- associated with the shark
3. Camera tracks past kids around campfire
4. Fire is the source of light
5. Girl and boy on the edge of the group - outsiders
6. Medium close of the girl. Behind her is a row of fence posts, representing the idea of her being trapped  
7. High angle shot of the beach implies vulnerability. The boy and girl leave the circle and fire and into the darkness implying they are leaving safety
8. Further they get away from the campfire, the music and sound of voices slowly fades away
9. Now no music, trapped amongst lots of fences
10. Now the scene seems quite calm and peaceful - moonlight is reflecting on the sea
11. Sunset symbolises that the day is ending and so is her life
12. Cuts from long shot to close up as it brings us closer to the action
13. Music returns whilst she is in the water

14. Angle is from the sharks point of view
15. Cuts again to a longer shot to prevent the sighting of the shark and to keep the suspense until later on in the film

16. Sound, once again, cuts completely once she died and the scene returns to a peaceful atmosphere, as if nothing had happened



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